Agile and secure processes

We have set ourselves the goal of enabling our customers in all areas to achieve a sustained increase in IT service quality, a reduction in deployment time and, at the same time, a reduction in IT complexity. To ensure this, we train your employees in the introduction of standards and best practices and offer personal certifications in the latest agile service management methodologies. Our focus is on approaches to efficient collaboration between development and operations (DevOps) that shorten development cycles and increase customer satisfaction.

DevOps is a methodology that enables a closer cooperation between the development department and the company by faster development cycles. This way, the quality and delivery time of software can be significantly improved. A holistic and shared responsibility for results in IT organizations, that are geared to stability and continuous availability, is the core of the DevOps approach.

Only a few companies in Europe are partners of the DevOps Institute and can provide the official DevOps slide sets. SAMA PARTNERS is one of the selected partners and offers you training with highly up-to-date content.