We secure connections - also in your industry!

At SAMA PARTNERS, we look after regional as well as interregional companies from various branches of industry. IT and the guarantee of information security play an important role for all of them. It is decisive for the success of a company.

We have carried out a large part of our projects in the energy, healthcare, finance and transport sectors.

Energy industry

SAMA PARTNERS has been serving companies in the regional and interregional energy industry for many years. In addition to GAP analyses and the introduction of information security management systems, we offer industry-specific workshops, e.g. on the requirements of the IT security law and security training courses.

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SAMA PARTNERS also focuses on the logistics sector. Whether local public transport, long-distance transport or transport companies - we provide individual solutions and offer industry-specific workshops.

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Other industries

SAMA PARTNERS also supports companies from various branches of the economy outside its core areas. Especially industry and mechanical engineering, but also architecture and construction as well as telecommunications are industries with a high demand for secure and optimized IT solutions. SAMA PARTNERS is happy to support you with industry-specific know-how and best practices.

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The Rhine-Neckar region is a hot spot for healthcare companies. Both you and health care institutions, such as hospitals, have an increased need for security and numerous industry-specific requirements.

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Whether banks, insurance brokers or insurance consultants - SAMA PARTNERS support companies in the financial sector with consulting services and expert service as well as industry-specific workshops and security training.

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