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Creating a culture of innovation management through R&D activities is SAMA PARTNERS main mission. It has enabled us to set a solid research and innovation environment.

Our experts’ team works mainly on innovation and business solutions for cyber security.

Coupled with our deep Know-How in security and Artificial Intelligence and our understanding of markets’ needs, SAMA PARTNERS is able to conceive and implement cutting-edge solutions that close the gaps, reduce the risks, and enhance our partners resilience and competitiveness.

Our Research & Development strategy helps us taking a leading threat intelligence position and keeps us competitive, agile, and performant in meeting the needs of our partners.

SAMA PARTNERS is providing state of the art solutions and services by R&D in cybersecurity and AI digitalisation.

The research and development activities are conducted by our innovation & solutions centre that focus on different dimensions of cybersecurity and digital transformation aiming R&D support, training, and knowledge transfer.

We are working and acting in several projects in European and international consortiums.

Our experts are information security lecturer at partner universities.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Solution

Our cyber threat intelligence approach serves as a stepping stone for relating attackers and their methods to customer IT landscape.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Solution based on the collection, evaluation, and response to data generated on an organization’s network undergoing potential security threats in real-time.

Our Security Intelligence aims to add value to every security function and to several other teams in the organization.
It promises to provide refined information which help to detect looming threats and alleviate the exposure of the organization of these threats.

Our Competitive Edges

Identification and correlation of specific Cyber Threat Intelligence Information (CTI) sources and sharing these between the members, to setup correct defence strategies.

Combination of the integrated specific case and actual CTI Information together with a dedicated Security Operation Center (SOCurity®) to increase the detection rate of targeted attacks.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence methodology correlates all events with industry-leading threat intelligence from commercial and open sources.

SAMA PARTNERS CTI solution collects and analyses a myriad events per day and enriches them with threat intelligence and risk context to drive faster threat detection, simplify incident response and eliminate alert fatigue.

Know yourselef, know your attacker!

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