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Today’s cyber security landscape is complex. SAMA PARTNERS offers strategic security guidance and solutions to organisations across the globe to navigate this complexity.

We help you at every stage of your security journey to identify your needs, set your security journey, assess and test your defences, and select the solutions that match your security needs - whether that requires building an entirely new security strategy or upgrading your protections to combat the latest threats and trends.

SAMA PARTNERS combines its cutting-edge consulting and expert services with security operations services on your behalf: beginning by consulting through capacity enhancing through staffing and training to complete take over your security operations in our dedicated 24/7 Security operations Centre (SOC).

SAMA PARTNERS is your sparing partner that offers services covering the whole lifecycle of security journey.

Into Security

SAMA PARTNERS masters both defensive and offensive security. Our consultants are both subject matter experts and security specialists. We are organized along different specialty fields and teams ensuring our customers a wide range of expertise and radius of action.

SAMA PARTNERS Sphere of Knowledge

Business Case Definition

& Strategy Set-up

Business leaders and security managers are standing at a critical crossroads in the face of rising information and cyber risks.
In the ever-growing reliance on digital world, the business resilience of any company depends hugely on its cyber and information resilience.

SAMA PARTNERS assists business leaders and decision makers to rethink and assess their cyber risks and make it an organizational priority. SAMA PARTNERS exhausts its experience in different industry sectors, it's up to date knowledge about security relevant legal and compliance requirements associated to each sector, as well as it's outstanding insights into the existing and evolving threat landscape, to provide its customers with a 360 degree view into their right-scaled business needs for information and cyber security and to align the security expenditure with these needs.

SAMA PARTNERS defines with you your business case for information security and provides you seamless strategies and working plans to efficiently and cost-effectively achieve the goals.
In doing this, SAMA PARTNERS helps you to identify the needed resources for your security program, introduce and integrate information security management processes and to choose the best technological assistance to enhance your defence capabilities and to better embrace and handle risks.



Your cyber security strategy should be proactive, effective, actively sustained and scalable.

We frame your needs for cyber and information security and help you align your activities with these needs to maximize your ROI and reduce risks.

Our Security Management & Governance

All companies, including very small businesses, must organize their governance to ensure their cyber resilience.
Indeed, the increase of cyber attacks goes beyond the expert's responsibility and must become a corporate project involving all stakeholders, and especially human resources. Cyber resilience transforms the expert model into a risk management model.

SAMA PARTNERS Security & Compliance approach is to efficiently bring security up to the start of the information system lifecycle, build heat-resistant architecture architecture to enable information security, and to create the foundations for fulfilling compliance requirements.

Based on our security core competence (IT, information security and cybersecurity), SAMA PARTNERS pursues an integrative approach in order to link the areas of classical IT (from softwaredevelopment to IT service management) with the business processes and, at the same time, to meet the requirements of operational and industrial IT.


Information Security

Information security is indispensable. As a component of corporate management, it must be geared to providing optimum support for business objectives.
The growing complexity of cyber-threats as well as the rising number of legal and business requirements makes a structured approach to managing the security organisation and processes within a company an imperative.
An information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with internationally standards offers the optimal basis for the efficient and effective implementation of a holistic security strategy. A healthy and continually improving information security management system (ISMS) helps mitigating risks. Ensuring that your ISMS is tailored to your organization and corresponds to international standards may require the guidance and advice of experts in the field.
Our security architects and experts will collaborate closely with you to create truly customized ISMS and find innovative solutions to your particular security challenges. We promise you a solid construction of your ISMS that not only success any audit, but also and especially add value to enable you to govern your security processes and challenges.




We envision a future without cyber risks, where the likelihood and the impact of a cyber attack is minimized to the point where risk is essentially zero.

Security Health Check & Audits

Whether you want to establish security practices from scratch or just intend to foster existing controls, you need to consider conducting a health check for your security organisation.

Auditing the health and performance of organizational controls is an essential component of successful security management systems. Audits may also be used to raise awareness and identify existing control weaknesses in security.

Depending on the needs of your organization, several standards and best practices could be used to conduct the health check.

In addition, this can be done by reviewing individual organizational regulations as well as selected measure objectives of for example ISO/IEC 27001 or TISAX. The main components of organizational security health check & audit are policy-making, organization, planning, performance measurement and review, which provide the environment in which effective auditing systems operate.

Technical health checks aim to assess the efficiency and the effectiveness of IT systems. 

Our consultants cover both the technical and strategic aspects of information security management systems during the course of the information security analysis service delivery. Throughout an engagement, we focus on granular knowledge exchange with you to deliver a comprehensive report containing the assessment findings, any identified weaknesses, detailed remediation measures, as well as risk probability and impact assessments.

We will provide you with assistance to:

• Understand your threat landscape.
• Assess your organization's ability to identify and deal with the cyber risks.
• Assess your security maturity.
• Find out how to improve your security plan.
• Develop and deploy security processes based on risks and controls issues and matching your business.

We can no longer simply wonder if our businesses will be affected, but rather, WHEN and HOW FREQUENTLY these attacks will occur.


Times are changing, so is cybercrime.
Be willing to reassess your cybersecurity approach considering the new threat industries!

Incident Response


More than 70% of organizations do not have an incident response plan in place.

Several attacks are opportunistic and will not target you directly. Instead, attackers will test all doors and open or force open those that are not securely protected.. A cyber incident is an unauthorized attempt, successful or not, to gain access to a system resource or computer system, or to modify, destroy, delete or make it unavailable.

Security Incident Management involves incident monitoring, reporting, impact assessment, incident escalation and post incident review. SOCurity® incident team is responsible for analyzing and handling the security threats and impact of information security incidents and to drive the process as efficiently as possible.


Incident Response Readiness

Crisis Management

The explosive growth of attack sources and tactics should lead companies to organize themselves. Even they have already a traditional crisis management, they have to integrate the cyber dimension and review their organization, processes in their crisis management strategy.
Facing such an attack requires companies to implement a certain number of additional specific measures (SOC and CERT, external partners, detection and protection tools...) which will be determining factors in ensuring effective crisis management.
The crisis management aspect of an incident is very important, even critical. This includes having the right players around the table depending on the level of criticality and complexity, but also communicating the information correctly inside and possibly outside the organization.

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Technical Vulnerability Management & Compliance

With the arising complexity of digital world, attack surfaces and the number of bad actors grow in scope and scale every day. The number of security defects, weaknesses and vulnerabilities increase daily, it can be difficult to manage 100% of your exposure to risk.
SAMA PARTNERS takes a risk-based approach towards technical vulnerability management (TVM). discover the critical assets, and threats and vulnerabilities relevant to any organization.
SAMA PARTNERS uses a near real-time vulnerability platform to display the scan results. The platform allows you to communicate, collaborate, and manage your vulnerability program in a centralized manner. It maps your vulnerabilities to known threats and context and assigns a risk rating for assets that stand exposed.
The compliance management program makes use of the so-called CIS Benchmarks to provide the baseline configurations and to ensure compliance with industry-agreed cybersecurity standards. Our services also cover several compliance proofing scans such as PCI DSS scans.
Our TVM experts will help you offload day-to-day operations by providing the granular focus each vulnerability demands. SAMA PARTNERS helps extend coverage across your entire attack surface so your TVM program can run more holistically.
Whether a scheduled monthly scan, a validation scan, or just an ad hoc scan as a reaction of an arising critical vulnerability, our experts will be at your side to reduce the time of detection and timely begin with remediation steps.

SAMA PARTNERS Security Vulnerability Assessment


Layered Security with SAMA PARTNERS

Cyber Intelligence Led Pentesting for a Proactive Security Posture

Besides the classical penetration testing, SAMA PARTNERS established a cyber threat intelligence-led penetration testing approach. Traditional penetration testing may lack real-world context and can be less applicable to combating actual threat actors.
The CILP approach significantly improves the value of penetration testing by utilising the latest threat intelligence and ensuring that it is tied to the business context of a customer. It helps the penetration testers to get an “attacker’s perspective” about your organization’s infrastructure: what they see, how to get in, and the critical targets.
SAMA PARTNERS testing team uses cyber threat intelligence to emulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of an adversary against target systems in real-time.
SAMA PARTNERS' cyber threat intelligence service provides the penetration testers with the most accurate and actionable threat intelligence information.

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Our Red Teams in Security Testing Vulnerability Assessment, Pentesting & Attack Simulation

SAMA PARTNERS' intelligence-led red team testing involves the use of a variety of techniques to simulate an attack. It follows a rigorous procedure: Reconnaissance, Information Analysis, Execution, Exploitation, Control & Movement, and Actions on Target. Vulnerability Assessment, Pentesting, and Red Teaming are commonly used by SAMA PARTNERS interchangeably and according to our clients needs. SAMA PARTNERS Vulnerability Assessment is a solid systematic examination of your information systems or products that determine the adequacy of your security measures and identify security deficiencies. We focus on finding vulnerabilities and prioritizing them by risk.

SAMA PARTNERS sphere of knowledge

We merge Threat Intelligence, Skills and Technologies for a Proactive Security Posture!

Cyber Threat Hunting

Our Cyber threat hunting approcach is based on a proactive security search through networks, endpoints, and datasets to hunt malicious, suspicious, or risky activities that have evaded detection by existing tools. Threat detection is a somewhat passive approach to monitoring data and systems for potential security issues, but it’s still a necessity and can aid a threat hunter. Proactive cyber threat hunting tactics have evolved to use new threat intelligence on previously collected data to identify and categorize potential threats in advance of attack.

Many organizations are unaware that their confidential data is being compromised by an adversary. This hap-pens because security mechanisms lack proactive search-ing of threats.


Find out
about our Threat Hunting Methodology

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The analysis of an adversary's intent, opportunity, and capability to do harm is known as cyber threat intelligence (CTI). To optimize its resources and to provide the needed guidance about the existing threat landscape and the typical groups acting against its own industry sector, companies need to adopt intelligence-driven security defence practices that go beyond preventative technologies and the perimeter, and beyond events-based monitoring.
SAMA PARTNERS established CTI services that provides its customers with timely, relevant, customized and actionable information to enhance their security functions.
SAMA PARTNERS provides human CTI consumers with the right ingredients and CTI inputs to direct and assist in analysis and response activities.

Similarly, our CTI service provides your tools with CTI information that serve to sharpen detection and patterning and automate the service:


Cyber & Digital Forensics

Situations may arise where only preventing or defending an attack is no longer sufficient, and that you need to understand what exactly happened, how it happened and probably also who did it and why. Almost every crime leaves behind digital data. In order to be effectively prosecuted in cyberspace, the traces on digital devices must be traced back to their source and secured.
Cyber and digital forensics services assist you to answer the above questions and to clarify for you and probably also for your stakeholders a certain case.
SAMA PARTNERS’ Forensics as a Service assist you to produce digital evidence of the any cyber or digital attack for legal proceedings or internal action.
SAMA PARTNERS experts will be your sparing partners to identify needed data and evidence, to conduct the needed analysis, to document findings in the form and depth you need for your case.

Have you been the victim of a Cyber Attack?

Our forensics experts investigate and provide you with a report detailing: evolution of the attack, resources compromised, short-term remediation measures to reduce the impact of the attack and medium-term security measures to protect the infrastructure in depth and avoid any future incident.

We provide you with the resources you need to quickly and efficiently clarify the causes, paths, and intentions behind every attack, intervene effectively and ensure you the evidence you need for such forensics cases.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Despite the fact that these attacks can interrupt business operations, many organizations lack an effective business continuity response.

75% of Businesses without a continuity plan will fail within 3 years after a disaster strikes.
Business processes of a modern organization are increasingly growing to be reliant on information technology. Therefore, information security is one of the main concerns of any enterprise, that must ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the organization and its customers’ data. However, news on data breach, distributed denial of service attacks on different systems occur daily if not hourly. Even extensive information technology-related companies are vulnerable to some security issues. It is crucial to take over information security management as a continuous process.
Disaster Recovery is often reviewed as the technical aspect of business continuity and involvement resumption and restoration of operations.

SAMA PARTNERS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Approach


To understand why it is important to integrate cybersecurity into the business continuity plan, business continuity planners must first understand the common cyber threats that organizations face and the significant impact of data breaches.

We strive to support and recommend our partners:

  • To address the core causes of the disconnect between business continuity and cyber security: the lack of security culture, board support and coordinated response.
  • Practical steps to integrate cybersecurity into the business continuity response
  • To implement a information management system that enables connection between the organization´s cybersecurity leaders, determining the appropriate response to cyber incidents, assessing the recovery needs and testing the response strategy.
  • As employees are often the main point of failure in cybersecurity preparedness, organizations should improve their cybersecurity posture by investing in top-down education and awareness.

CISO-as-a-Service: Your Associate in your Security Journey

Chief information security officers, also known as CISOs, assess, manage and minimize enterprise risks from new and emerging attack surface and emerging threats.

CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) involves outsourcing the role of security leadership and its responsibilities to a third-party provider.

SAMA PARTNERS provides its partners with a reliable and efficient CISO Service. With a CISOaaS, you are primarily outsourcing cybersecurity responsibilities and tasks and assigning them to a qualified specialist with the necessary experience and expertise.

With CISO as a service, you benefit from having access to SAMA PARTNERS’ cybersecurity experts and leaders, on demand, and delegate the work to our security professionals so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Find out more about our CISO-as-a-Service duties & delivrables,


Cyber fatigue, or apathy to proactively defending against cyberattacks, affects as much as

42% of companies.

Data Protection

To properly protect data and comply with data protection laws, organisations need both data privacy and data security. Even though these two terms can look similar, their distinctions are clearer once you start to dissect them.



SAMA PARTNERS assists you to identify the requirements for data privacy by focussing on the rights of individuals, the purpose of data collection and processing, privacy preferences, and the way you should govern personal data of individuals.

SAMA PARTNERS also supports you to protect your data from malicious attacks, unauthorized access to digital data, or any intentional or unintentional alteration, deletion, or disclosure of data, and prevents the exploitation of stolen data (data breach or cyber-attack), by identifying and implementing technical and organisational measures (TOMs) to ensure the privacy and security of the data such as access control, encryption or network security.

Security First, Security by Default!

SOC as a Service

Managed services offer all business users prospects for the targeted further development of their IT.
SAMA PARTNERS established and operates a Security Operations Centre (SOCurity) to provide its customers with managed cyber security services 24x7x365. The SOC uses constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure and preventive measures against cyber threats to guarantee the availability and security of your company IT assets, including business-critical applications.
SOCurity offers a variety of security operations services. Our managed security services comprise several modules that can be individually combined according to your ideas and needs. This allows SAMA PARTNERS to respond flexibly to your requirements and provide you with the level of security you want.

SOCurity schéma


Within SOCurity, our security experts and intelligent tools and processes will constitute your additional line of defence to achieve your cyber resilience, around the clock, seven days a week.
SOCurity makes your investments controllable and guarantees you the maximum return on Investment. You only pay for what you really need, because our modular SLAs allow SOC services to be adapted to your needs.


States, multinationals, small and medium-sized businesses, government organizations, individuals.
No one is safe from the malicious actions of cyber hackers, not even IT specialists!


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We can no longer simply wonder if our businesses will be affected, but rather, WHEN and HOW FREQUENTLY these attacks will occur.

This is our new Reality!