Artificial Intelligence
A Game Changer not only for Cybersecurity!

SAMA PARTNERS AI experts help you to discover the potential of your data and create customized AI models.
Partner with our AI engineering team to design intelligent solutions!

Data Audit

SAMA PARTNERS supports you in collecting, understanding and using valuable data in a targeted manner. This includes the identification of the relevant data and the classification of the subject-related relevance of this data.


AI Enablement

Using the data audit step, possible developments are intelligently derived and use cases and analytics potentials are developed. These use cases are quantified in the context of your company and implemented according to the added value to your business.


Intelligent ZERO-Day Detection & Deception

A zero-day attack includes 3 phases :
Vulnerability Phase: When an undetected vulnerability exists in the system.
Exploit Phase: when the vulnerability is used.
Attack Phase: when the system is infected and already used for external purposes.


Our AI expertise provides you with crucial real-time security information and activities: By continuously analyzing and evaluating the data (footprint, events, processes, signatures, connections,...), irregularities or deviations are identified immediately. This is the first clue to perform a precautionary isolation and to start more in-depth analysis.


Behavioural Analytics

For a better support of the user behavior and an effective anomalies detection: In the daily interaction with the web applications, machines and devices, data is generated based on which information about the user behavior can be gained. Behavioural Analytics supports both the user and the service provider. Based on this information we are able to proactively provide services or data, to extend offers, to optimize processes or to detect anomalies in the user behavior and thus prevent unauthorized data access.

AI-based Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

THe "SOAR" relies on standardized automation of analysis and responses. Using AI, when deviations or undefined scenarios occur, the orchestration is intelligently extended with additional tasks to achieve a secure response to the incident and to execute first containment measures.

While intelligently adjusting/enhancing the test depending on results, system and network responses and the detected configuration and collected system information.

AI-based Penetration Testing


AI-based automated pentesting assists in scaling the automated pentesting process while intelligently adjusting/enhancing the test depending on results, system and network responses.


Intelligent Data Analytics


The security of critical infrastructure and services must be maintained through the collection and analysis of security-related data in an intelligent, efficient, secure, and well-timed manner. Making security data collection and analysis intelligent and capable of quickly detecting, learning from, and addressing zero-day threats is essential to economize resources and access the right information at the right time through the setup of configurable data collection sensors and the adaptation of several collection strategies. Identifying deviations and trends in the available data using data assessment in order to plan a prompt intervention for a predictive maintenance.


Intelligent Process Orchestration & Automation

Taking business process management a step further: Using AI, business processes can not only be automated but also intelligently controlled (Intelligent Process Automation - IPA). This includes not only automated process control, but also contextual validation and verification of the data in the individual process steps. Using this contextual analysis, intelligent decisions are made automatically in the process flow.

Predictive Maintenance

Using AI techniques ensure an efficient predictive maintenance approach leading to a reduction of losses caused by every production unavailability. Our AI factory team will support you in meeting those requirements:

  • To generate data allowing to account for the dynamics of the system degradation of the system.
  • To model or to learn its modes of degradation.
  • To estimate its state of appliance and to predict its residual life.

AI & Digitalization Factory – Success Stories

Our partner is an automotive company based in Germany. The company is the third-largest producer by revenue of gas and diesel engines worldwide, for the generation of electrical energy. It also provides consulting, designing and engineering, construction and commissioning of plants as well as global aftersales service.

Externally, the customer faced growing requirements for its customers regarding its information security and the resilience of its products as parts of critical infrastructure against cyber attacks. Internally, the customer faced the challenge that different business departments are working autonomously and there were no central governance structure that ensures the management of information security within the company.

SAMA PARTNERS established a set of information security policies assisted the customer to improve visibility of its security policies and strengthen security compliance management. We also contributed towards: Implementation of a Information Security Management System (ISMS) Implementation of policies and procedures for secure software development lifecycle (SDL) Development of governance Increasing and in relation to external service providers.

Our partner is one of the largest municipal companies in Germany, Energy Supplier stands for a secure supply of energy, city-friendly mobility, future-proof telecommunications services and the best drinking water from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Our client an important part of the municipal provision of public services and make a major contribution to the economic strength and quality of life in Munich and the region.

IT - Technologic Topics:
  • Digitalization
  • Modernization
  • Cloud management
  • Information Security Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Managed Application Services

Technical Topics
  • Network calculation
  • Protection technology
  • Energy database : Power plant gas / Electricity balance / Energy balance
  • Commissioning/grid connection
  • Residential/Commercial Business - Gas, Water, Electricity / Internet Self Services
  • Energy trading
  • Quality management Fleet
  • Maintenance Subway,Bus, Tram/Mobile Maintenance
  • Material management
  • Construction management system
  • Electronic damage files
  • Energy consulting
  • Support programs
  • Hydrology management
  • Corrosion rate tracking/testing
  • Minute server retrievals
  • Redispatch 2.0
  • Energy visualization
  • Scheduling of power plants
  • Virtual power plant
  • Wind farm connections
  • Gas market models
  • Smart metering
  • Remote meter reading
  • Energy certificate management
  • Quality and complaint management
  • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

Managed Services 

Most IT departments are established as a service organization in order to optimize business processes and improve customer orientation. Our managed services team work closely with our business partners to achieve this goal.

We advise you in the conception, design, management
and your IT services according to your needs.

SAMA PARTNERS intelligence artificial is the scalable engine
that enables your digital operating business!